Dr. James Strubbe

Dr. James StrubbeDr. Strubbe was born in Chicago and has 8 brothers and sisters. His Father was a Medical Doctor and from a very early age was always interested in health care.

He served in the Army for 3 years as a Special Forces ( Green Beret) Medic. That served as his introduction to caring for peoples physical problems. He graduated from National College of  Chiropractic in 1985. He and his wife Tonya of 35 years have lived in Pinellas county for 29+ years and he has practiced here the entire time.

They have two dogs, Buster and Toby and an African grey parrot named Hemingway. Dr. Strubbe enjoys gardening. His home is a true reflection of that. He has been on the Old Northeast garden tour 3 times.

He also enjoys travel. His last trip he hiked up Mount Kilimanjaro.

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